Here’s Your Best Boss Ever

World's Best Boss Mug


In my blog last week I wrote about an inspiring leader that I met with. I was so excited to finally meet a leader whose main goal was to recruit and mentor employees to mold the successful future of his organization. Why was I so excited? Because, since the recession of 2001, managers have forfeited their “duty” to develop their employees. It got me thinking about how hungry employees are for development by those who can offer them the best for their career growth.


In my interviews, I often ask candidates to “tell me about your best boss.” The answers are consistent: A boss who supports personal and career growth and development.


Having an inspiring boss keeps employees engaged. Engaged employees are invested in their organizations and stick around! The companies whose managers don’t invest in their teams don’t inspire or engage their employees, and they leave.


In this labor market, no company can afford high turnover and low productivity… it impacts profitability.


What if there were more inspirational managers? We work hard to source and screen our candidates for our clients. What if we ALL invested OUR time in hiring better managers, coaching managers to be inspirational?


Maybe Staffing Solutions would have fewer positions to full? Maybe not! Why? Because the companies would be growing, more productive, and be adding staff!


That’s my dream come true!