The Search For A Silver Lining

people looking for a silver lining in the clouds


Look around. What do you see? I see a lot of negativity. Businesses are closing, people are getting laid off, becoming sick, forced to stay at home, can’t go out to eat, are expected to entertain and school their kids while working remotely, the list goes on.


For those fortunate enough to be able to work from home, we’re faced with a new set of challenges that throw any sense of “normal” out the window. You can no longer separate your job from the rest of your life, especially if you have kids at home. 8-5 doesn’t matter anymore, because you squeeze as much work possible into those precious, rare pockets of uninterrupted time – even if they only exist past 10 PM. It’s hard.


The reality is, we can’t control or change our current situation—we can only control how we REACT to it. So, why not look at the bright side and focus on the positives? Are there any?


After a long month, here are the “pros” I’ve found:


  • You don’t have to commute. Save your gas money and say goodbye to road rage!


  • You can work anywhere. If you or a family member has property down at the lake, why not work there for a week? These days, if you’re plugged in, you might as well be at the office. Work where you’re happiest.


  • You can let go of some big stressors. No more struggling to get Kid A to basketball practice while Kid B needs a ride from the movie theater while Kid C’s demanding dinner.


  • You can have a flexible work schedule. If you’re not surrounded by energetic kids, take this time to find out when your brain works best. For me, I’ve found I’m at my best around 7 AM to noon, so I tackle projects that need the most brainpower in the morning and spend my evenings on less taxing work. If your work still gets done and you still make your meetings, it shouldn’t matter when you’re “clocked in”.


  • You can try new things. Pick out a few recipes to cook from scratch. Plant some seeds and find out if you have a green thumb. Finally read that book you’ve had set aside for months.


  • You get to spend actual time with your family. This is a chance to reconnect, especially for folks who used to spend long hours in the office. While your kids/spouse might be driving you insane, you’re given this rare opportunity to spend quality time eating meals, playing board games, and remembering the reasons why you love these people so much.


Don’t get me wrong—this pandemic sucks. However, obsessing over what we can’t control isn’t going to help anyone.


While we all have a bit more time to ourselves, let’s think about what we CAN control.


What we CAN do to support each other, to make each other smile despite everything else.


What we CAN do to make the best of this.


We CAN appreciate the little things.


That’s my silver lining. What’s yours?