What to Do When Your Boss Finds Out…

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What happens when your boss discovers you’re looking for a job?


You decided it’s time to move on. Forget about the reasons. You’ve been trying to be discrete, and have only shared your interview experiences with a few co-workers. You’ve used your PTO time for interviews. But somehow, your boss found out.


Now what?


Your boss may call you into their office and tell you they discovered you are looking. Depending on your relationship with your boss, this may be a good opportunity to explain WHY you’re looking.


Are you bored? Not challenged? Figured out that you’re paid less than others in the same job? Not being mentored or developed?


This could be a great opportunity to give feedback to your boss.


If you are an outstanding employee, your boss may realize it’s time to find a way to retain you. Make sure this conversation is positive – it’s not a gripe session – especially if you’ve been frustrated for a while. A positive outcome may be available – you could get a raise or a promotion!




You & your boss have never “clicked” and they may not tell you that they know you’re looking elsewhere.


They will start questioning: why you need time off, longer lunches, ask about medical appointments and they’ll be watching everything you do at work. Including – putting your work product under a microscope & hoping you’ll slip so they can let you go. Your boss has probably already started looking for your replacement!


Remember, your employer has the right to monitor your internet activity and email.


Tip: Keep job search info at home only and don’t access your personal email or job sites from your work computer.


Letting someone go because they are looking for another opportunity is not uncommon— so be prepared! If you get let go before you’ve landed a new job, find a recruiter or staffing agency & let them help you find contract work & with landing your next great opportunity.


In fact, STARTING with a staffing firm may have been the right place to start your search. Think —If you’re looking for a job, why go at it alone?


When you partner with a firm like Staffing Solutions, Inc., we’re in your corner. It can be so difficult to stay positive & “get back in the game” after losing your job, which is why we’re here to help. We know how to match our candidates with the right opportunities, and we know what employers are looking for in their new hire.


So, if your boss gets wind that you’re unhappy, let us know.


Questions? Call us!


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