Backtrack Through Your Hyperlinks

If you use lots of hyperlinks in your workbooks like I do, you too may be frustrated when you can’t easily backtrack to the previous hyperlinks you clicked.

When you click hyperlinks that take you to other sheets and then you want to retrace those previous links, you will typically have to manually navigate your way back, that’s IF you can remember the order you followed.

Backtrack Through Hyperlinks









You will be happy to know that Excel has a Back button that allows you to backtrack through previously clicked hyperlinks. By default, this button is not on the Ribbon or Quick Access Toolbar (QAT) but you can add it quite easily.

I  don’t remember if the Back command is in all recent versions of Excel but do I know that it is in Excel 2013 and 2016. Unfortunately, the ‘Excel for Mac Office 365’ version is missing this command (so I’ve been told).

Backtrack Through Hyperlinks2















Add the Back button to your Quick Access Toolbar

1) Right-click on the Ribbon and


Customize the Quick Access Toolbar;

2) From the ‘Choose commands from’ dropdown, select All Commands;

3) Scroll down the list of commands and select Back (with a left-pointing arrow);

4) Click the Add>> button and click OK.

Click here to download the Practice File

Now, for example, when you click a link to go to the March sheet, then click another link to go to the June sheet, then a link to September, and then December, you can now click the Back button on the QAT to quickly retrace your steps back through the September, June


January sheets.

Backtrack Through Hyperlinks3