3 Reasons Why Your Resume Sucks

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Not getting calls about your resume? It could be for a few reasons. But in this job market, most employers are desperate to find top-talent. So, there’s no reason you can’t land interviews—if your resume’s in the right shape! If you think yours might be a “fixer-upper” then read on.


3 reasons why your resume ends up in the trash:


  1. It’s too long. While the requirement for a “1-page resume” is a myth, there’s no reason for it to be 4 pages long. Another helpful rule of thumb is to only show your past 10 years of work experience.


  1. It’s irrelevant. When you put so much information on your resume that most of its unrelated to the job you’re applying for, it makes your resume ineffective.


  1. It has no zest. Is your resume “eye-catching”? Does the way it’s written & organized capture attention? If not, how can you expect to get calls from recruiters if your resume can’t stand apart from the competition? Read on!


So, how will you get to work on your “fixer-upper”?


Here are a few resume-boosting tips that have helped our applicants for years.


  • Highlight your strengths. Add a “Career Profile” section at the top of your resume to showcase your strongest skills in a brief way.


  • Simplify it. Most employers use ATS (applicant tracking systems) to screen resumes. Make sure to use simple formatting and to avoid graphics & hard-to-read fonts so your resume doesn’t get rejected—before it’s seen by a human!


  • Mirror the job description. The ATS also screen resumes for keywords that the employer uses in their own job posting, so it can scout out candidates that seem like a perfect match for the role. Pick out phrases from the listing to include in your work history—as long as you’re not bluffing!


  • Show results. Instead of just listing your job duties, show how your efforts made a specific impact or improvement to the company. If you can, quantify your results using percentages, dollar amounts, etc. Employers want to see the tangible value that you’ll bring to their business.



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