How to Ace a Panel Interview

panel interview


You check your email, and… YES! You have an email inviting you to the next round of interviews for your dream job. But wait… it’s supposed to be a panel interview. So, you ask yourself…


What is a panel interview, anyway?


A panel interview is when 2 or more members of an organization interview you at once. Typically, the interviewers are a mix of executives, team leaders, HR managers, and your future colleagues—if you land the job.


Sounds scary. What’s the point?


Most of the time, panel interviews are held when a company is considering a number of candidates. This helps to make the hiring process go as quickly & efficiently as possible—and hopefully avoids a bad hire. Having a diverse group of interviewers gives a hiring leader different perspectives & opinions to make an informed decision.


Great, but how will I do well? HELP ME!


Strategies for interview success:


  • Be prepared. In the days leading up to the interview, practice answering interview questions you find online for similar roles in your industry. Get comfortable answering in-depth questions, and think of specific examples from your work history to back up your answers.


  • Be knowledgable. If you know the names of your interviewers, look up their names & titles on LinkedIn beforehand. Research the company & any ongoing projects that might come up in the interview.


  • Be polite. Introduce yourself to each person in the interview, and remember to smile! Engage with ALL of the interviewers, not just the biggest talkers. If you can, have a specific question to ask each person about how your roles might interact if you’re hired.


  • Be memorable. Assuming the panel is considering several candidates, it’s important to stand out from the competition. Don’t just regurgitate your resume—tell them something they don’t know! When answering their questions, use unique examples that highlight your personality & individuality.



The idea of a panel interview is nerve-wracking, no doubt—but try to enjoy it! Visualize yourself in the role you’re interviewing for. Remember—the hiring leader wants to see how you’d interact & problem-solve with the members of the panel, so give it your all and think of it as a test run. You’ve got this!


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