Downsizing? Restructuring? Time to Panic?!



Yes, it’s still an “employee’s job market.” It’s also the PEAK of the merger & acquisition cycle – and with all the mergers, the result:

Downsizing and restructuring… Is it time to panic?! No!




It’s possible that you could keep your job, or even land a similar or better job– if you know how to not panic, stay calm, so you will be considered a “keeper” after the dust settles.


So, let’s talk about HOW!


  1. Stay away from the “Negative Nancys.” You know there will be gossip and anxiety. If you want to stay with your current employer – don’t be tempted to join that group! When companies are reviewing teams for “reshuffling talent,” how many “Negative Nancys” will make the cut? Plus, being around so many negative folks will bring you down, make you anxious, and hurt your performance.


2. Work with your manager, rather than rely on rumor. Ask them for assistance, or volunteer to help your manager with any of the projects related to the re-org. Employees who step up to lead the change are the people that leaders want to keep and promote.


3. Keep your resume up to date and continue to stay in touch with your network, or find a reputable staffing firm/recruiter to contact you for suitable career opportunities. If you are proactive, and you do get riffed — you will be ready for your job search.


4. If your workmates get the bad news, offer to help share your network, assist with resumes, and pass on any job alerts or emails from recruiters offering opportunities. Everyone can use a helping hand in times like these!


5. What if it’s you? Call us! Most staffing firms have multiple immediate opportunities that could be a great career opportunity for you. Rather than taking the time to “apply” for each and every posting, visit a staffing firm! As we all say– don’t put all your eggs in one basket!


Let’s face it– the word “re-org,” or the news, “We’ve been acquired,” will create fear and anxiety. If you stay calm and positive, and always have an updated resume and network– it will help you through!


Questions? Call us!