Want A Bigger Bonus? Read This.

Conversation with Boss


Well, we’re coming to the end of 2018 performance review and bonus “season.”


Did you get what you think you deserved? What if you believe you are underpaid for your work product, commitment, and contribution?


As the owner of Staffing Solutions, Inc., not only do I have employees, I am the person that interviews the folks that didn’t get the raise, promotion, or bonus they think they deserved! After thorough interviews, and my own experience as a “boss,” I have come to recognize the employee that will likely have a rough career “ride”— and their work history reflects it.


Below are the types of employees that all of us wished we’d never hired — and never is it more evident than at performance review time.


  1. Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. You have a decent review, get the typical 2-3% increase, and you say nothing. You think your boss “should know” all that you do and contribute. You just accept what is given. You don’t tell your boss what you did — or didn’t clarify in your review. Soon you become resentful, soon your attitude is noticed, and soon you’re gone. If you don’t tell them, they don’t know.


2. Hostage Situation. You are a good performer, got a good review and raise, but life happened, and your expenses are not in line with your earnings. You meet with your boss; tell him you need more money because: fill in the blank, and threaten to leave if you don’t get a big increase. As soon as you leave the office, HR gets a call — to find your replacement. Your “expenses” are NOT your boss’s problem. Only your performance and contribution. And oh, by the way: don’t be expecting any great references — or worse…


3. The Withholder. OK — You didn’t get what you hoped for. You didn’t think you had to “prove” your worth to your boss. So now, you get to work at 8 on the dot, take your full hour for lunch, and leave at 5 on the dot. No more coming in early, staying late — why should you give more than you get? Soon everyone notices, and before you know it, you’re out of a job! Did you tell your boss how you felt? No — you acted out. Bosses have enough on their plates — if you want more, ask. The martyr is a drain on everyone!


4. The Shit Disturber. You didn’t get what you wanted, or, expected. Maybe if you complain to anyone who will listen, and ask what they got… trust me — it will get back to your boss. No one wants to work with a shit disturber — they stink up the place! Bye-bye now.


2018 is gone, but now is the time to start thinking about this year: how to demonstrate your worth to your boss throughout the year — and how to plan for your next performance review.


Even if you feel you want to ask before the next round of performance reviews, asking for a raise is a fair conversation! Getting what you want and deserve means showing your boss and engaging with them in a way that demonstrates that you care about your contribution to the team — and you are willing to do all you can to help achieve the team’s goals.


Be visible, let the boss know what you’re doing, and then, create your “business case” for your boss.


Those are the employees that “get what they deserve” and build a career — not having to leave an employer under poor circumstances.