Half of Workers Quit for This One Reason

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Did you know, according to a recent survey, 49% of workers have quit a job because of a bad boss?


Our work represents a significant part of our days—and our lives! If you and your boss are not on the same wavelength, or worse, your boss is a negative force in your life, then everything seems miserable.


So, what is a “bad boss”?


  1. The Yeller & Screamer. It is NEVER acceptable (or necessary) for a boss to scream at an employee. Managing by intimidation causes employees to feel traumatized! Imagine preparing to go to work daily—traumatized. No thanks!


  1. The Bully. They manage through fear. These bosses don’t coach their employees, they push people around. They threaten your job. Just another traumatizer.


  1. The “Never Wrong”. But in their eyes, you will be! Nothing they do is wrong—YOU just didn’t listen, or “get it.” There goes your confidence. No thanks!


  1. The Invisible. These bosses provide no communication & are never available. So, how can YOU perform well in your role if you have no direction? Every time you’re preparing a project, you spend a ridiculous amount of time trying to figure out what your invisible, or poorly communicating boss wants. You can’t succeed here. Once again, no thanks.


So, why are there so many “bad bosses”? If almost half of our working population has quit a job because of a bad boss, why do companies hire or promote these folks?


We always ask our candidates why THEY think their “bad boss” was retained in an organization.


To put it bluntly, the most frequent reply is: “My boss is a suck-up.” They have managed to fool THEIR bosses! Nevermind the high turnover—these bosses can lie, come up with excuses, and always find someone else to blame.


At Staffing Solutions, Inc., we meet with almost all of the hiring leaders we partner with. We probe, we ask about turnover, we talk to former employees, and we check sites such as LinkedIn and Glassdoor—before we will accept a search! If you work with us, we do our due diligence. You should too!


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