How to Land a Second Interview

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So, you had the interview and believe it went well—good for you!  Now, what’s your next step?


Send a thank you letter. Did you know that sending a well-timed follow-up letter can increase your chances of getting the job up to 75%?


How? Sending a thank you letter:


  • Sets you apart from the competition & makes you more memorable to the interviewer. Not everyone sends a thank you letter, and it shows that you’re proactive, professional, and reminds the hiring leader of what you discussed in your interview.


  • Emphasizes your interest in the role & company. A thank you letter shows the interviewer that you’re truly invested in the opportunity, which can increase your chances of landing a second interview.


  • Gives you the opportunity to ask questions that you may have thought of since the interview. Doing so can give you more clarification on the position, allowing you to ensure it’s the right fit for you.


What should I include?


  • Thank you! First and foremost, you should thank the interviewer for taking the time to meet with you.


  • What more you learned about the position & company. A potential employer wants to see that you’re invested, so emphasize any new information that you learned about the opportunity that aligns with what you’re looking for in your next position.


  • Why you’re a great fit. Visualize yourself in the role, and briefly explain how you will contribute your skills & experience to benefit the organization.


  • What questions or concerns you still have. Reiterate or address issues that you didn’t discuss thoroughly in your interview. This is a great chance to expand on ideas you didn’t get a chance to earlier. However, avoid questions about salary, vacation, etc. Save these for if/when you get an offer!


When should I send it?


The best time to follow-up after an interview is during the same day, while your conversation is still fresh in the interviewer’s mind.


What should it look like?


If you’re having trouble writing a thank you letter, here are a few templates to get you started.


What if I’m not interested anymore?


Let them know. It’s still important to send a thank you letter, but even more important that an employer knows where, and on whom, to focus their attention. In addition, it shows that you’re mature, professional, and can leave you on good terms with the company in case they’re hiring for your dream job down the line.




Navigating the interview process alone can be nerve-wracking, especially when considering multiple opportunities at once. However, sending thank you letters can help you determine what opportunity is right for you, and can greatly increase your chances of landing the right position.


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