“How the Salary Question is Hurting You”

How the Salary Question is hurting youHave you heard about the law that just changed in several states outlawing companies from asking job applicants their salary history? If so, have you wondered why?

Maybe it’s because it penalizes candidates who have worked in low-paying states or industries and the practice that an offer should be based on the job at hand, not what your previous job paid.

Unfortunately, we have been seeing this happen more often than not. Hear about a recent situation that occurred at staffing Solutions Inc.

Our candidate had left the financial services industry to work in the nonprofit world for a while. She then decided she wanted to return to a corporate position. Our client had given us a salary target for a new role, for which she was being considered. During the interview process, the client requested her salary history, and not realizing the effect it could have, she gave it to them. You see, her last position was in nonprofit; therefore it was considerably lower than the target salary for this role. So, instead of offering our candidate the target salary, they offered her six thousand dollars less, simply due to her last position.

We tried to intervene. However, our candidate had already provided them her salary history, so the damage had been done.

What is the take away here?

  1. Do NOT put salary desired on applications if you are being represented by a staffing agency. Let us negotiate for YOU!
  2. It is VERY important to continue to pass laws banning companies from requiring job applicants to provide their salary history

Bottom line: We know what you don’t, which in this scenario is the targeted salary for a role. Consider us your talent agents! Let us do our job (what we do best) and negotiate for you!

If you have any similar situations you’ve experienced or thoughts on the matter, Please share your stories with us!