What would motivate you to leave your job?

What would motivate you to leave your jobWhat do employees value the most from their employer? Is it Money? Or maybe it’s the culture that mirrors your values? Here at Staffing Solutions, we recently explored this question, and were surprised to learn that the answers were very consistent!

Nowadays, benefits are more important than ever to people in the workforce. A recent report by Hunt Scanlon Media says that 50% of Americans would leave their current job for an opportunity offering better benefits. Let’s be honest, the bread and butter of a good benefits package involves comprehensive health insurance and a lower deductible, which in turn helps with having to pay less out of pocket. As we know it, an unexpected health issue can bankrupt even someone with a six figure salary.

Besides benefits, workplace flexibility has become a more sought after feature for all generations, including millennials, Gen X, and baby boomers. As a parent, you dread when your child falls ill, mainly because the stress of having to leave work is overwhelming. Or maybe you’re a baby boomer and have to leave early in order to pick up grandchildren from school. Employees want the flexibility of being able to work from home, or leave early in order to tend to their needs. It’s a benefit that affects the well-being of one’s families and if offered, the success of employees engagement and happiness.

When it comes to culture, 56% of respondents said that “culture” took priority over compensation. They want to feel good about where they’re working, and know that they can contribute to a successful cause. They want to have a purpose within an organization, or one that they know are making an impact on the world.

One thing that all ages of the spectrum can agree on… they are tired of the corporate greed. Gone are the days of unethical practices. People want to know they are working for a company that exists for the betterment of society. It’s becoming easier to pick out the offenders as well. With resources like Glassdoor and Comparably, candidates are able to review experience of employees while at a company, and comment not only on their compensation and benefits, but the values and overall happiness at work.

It’s obvious there are many different factors that equal an employee’s total sum of happiness. You can’t expect to pay a candidate well, but lack a sense of value and culture. At the same time, you need to ensure that they have the healthcare and flexible resources to sustain their lifestyle. It may seem like a puzzle, but in a candidate driven market, these are the things that companies will have to recognize and replicate.

As for our audience, what is the most important thing a job can offer to you? Is there anything that would motivate you to switch jobs? We always encourage and appreciate hearing feedback!