“How to Nail Your Next Interview”

How to nail your next interview

So you recently began your job search, which means interviews are sure to come! But it’s been quite some time since your last interview, so you may not feel as confident or prepared for this next step. There’s no doubt that you already know the basics, such as:  Dress professionally, have a firm handshake, make eye contact, and always have great questions prepared! But today, we are going to focus on the actual content of your answers and how to showcase your best self. Utilize these tactics in your next interview, and leave feeling like you just knocked it out of the park!

Show them you were an essential asset

To be clear, people want to hire people who get things done. If you can show them that you were successful in your previous positions, they are likely to believe you will be able to repeat yourself. Rather than just telling them that you were, “The best Senior Manager they’ve ever seen,” you should be able to describe specific examples of the actions you took and the positive outcomes that came from them. It also helps to utilize numbers or percentages when describing your success, for example, “I boosted sales by 60% over two years, earning Salesperson-of-the-Year out of 30 representatives.” Don’t knock it until you try it!

Prove that your skills can translate

Although it’s important to prove you were essential in your last role, that doesn’t always mean you will be a “perfect fit” for a new role. The connecting factor is being able to show how your current skills can transfer into a new position as there will, most likely, be new challenges to conquer. To better prepare for this, make sure you have researched job descriptions and searched for common themes or technical skills that are required. Often times, the recruiter will share or ask questions that will reveal obstacles the role may involve. When you are given the opportunity to respond, show how your skills can transfer, and provide specific examples of similar obstacles and how you overcame them in your last job.

Connect with the interviewer

While technical skills and experience are the top priority, let’s be honest and say that likeability is also a HUGE factor. It is very important to establish a connection or positive vibe with the people you could potentially be working with. What if you don’t? It’s okay! You won’t connect with everyone you ever meet. This also doesn’t mean you have to crack jokes or become their best friend; just be an active listener who is open to conversation.

Show them YOU want this job!

A hiring manager is going to be observant of your emotions, so you want them to know you are excited about the position! You shouldn’t have to fake it or overwhelm the recruiter with emotion, but simply exude an enthusiasm when talking about the role.  Maybe touch on WHY you’re excited about the role, because it may offer something special to you! Maybe it offers new challenges that will provide you with the chance to grow in your career! Lastly, you’ll want to follow up with a sincere “thank you” email or note!

We hope that these tips can get you started in preparing for an interview. On top of these tips, we also offer interview coaching here at Staffing Solutions, if you still feel as if you’re not prepared to show your best self.

If you have any additional tips or stories to share, we always love hearing from our candidates!