How to Ruin Your Reputation 101

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Have you ever accepted a job offer, and then backed out of the offer?


Surveys indicate that 44% of recent candidates changed their minds about an offer they received, and here are the reasons why:


  • They received a better offer from another employer after already having accepted an offer.
  • Their current employer counter-offered and convinced them to stay.
  • They read poor reviews about the company, and changed their mind.


Let’s take a deeper dive into each of these scenarios, because if you happen to find yourself here, your decision can greatly impact your reputation and future career opportunities–for better or worse.


Let’s say you have backed out of a job offer because:


  • You received a better offer from another company. This is a tough one. If you accepted the initial offer in haste (even though you had interviewed for multiple opportunities), understand that companies are still in denial about a “candidate-driven market,” and may not have made their best offer. Then, another company makes you an offer for a higher salary. Don’t just dump company 1 for the higher salary offer.


Instead, REALLY consider:


Is offer #2 REALLY a better opportunity? A higher starting salary is just one consideration. What about the cost of benefits? Flexibility? Long-term growth opportunities? Culture? A new boss, team, or industry? If company 1 is really the better place for you, go back to them and have a discussion. They may match company 2–or not. Make sure you make an informed choice that is best for you in the long run!


  • Your current employer counter-offered, and convinced you to stay. Again, consider the thoughts above. If the only reason you’re looking elsewhere is for more money, and everything otherwise is “good,” then by all means, stay! However, make sure this “event” doesn’t create a rift between you and your supervisor. Hard feelings and distrust can make you miserable–and– you’ll want to move on anyway.


  • You read poor reviews about the company, and changed your mind. Shame on you! Before you even consider an interview, do your research! Don’t waste your or the company’s time interviewing! If you want to ensure reviews are accurate, check your network for information.


Remember: When a candidate backs out on an offer, it puts that company in a bad position. They likely had other qualified candidates that they “cut loose” and to revisit those candidates could be awkward–most companies won’t do that. They have to restart their search, and likely will have a mission-critical seat open for weeks.


Plus, this can cause irreversible damage to YOUR reputation. HR folks talk to other HR professionals, who move around, and will always remember YOU. If you consider these points of view, hopefully, you can avoid creating a LOT of negativity for your career!


At Staffing Solutions, Inc. these are the conversations we share with our candidates. Maybe you should consider being represented by a professional, ethical staffing firm. We can help you get a great career opportunity, and steer you away from making poor career choices!


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