Here’s What The Interviewer Is Thinking About You

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You’re in an interview–What are THEY thinking?

Knowing will make a difference…


At Staffing Solutions, Inc. I believe our candidates are often more successful than others because we invest and coach our candidates by assisting with customizing a resume for each opportunity, which is a great way to connect your experience to each role, and we provide one-on-one “interview prep” sessions prior to the actual interview.


Something funny occurred to me during a recent “prep” session. I rarely have had a candidate ask me what the hiring manager is thinking about – or wants to figure out during the interview process!


I got to thinking about “failed” interviews and how we can help avoid these happening in the future.


I thought if our candidates understood what the hiring manager wanted to discover, then our candidates could be more successful. So, I thought back to my 40 years of receiving feedback from hiring managers and…


Here is what I thought every candidate should know:


  • Is there “chemistry?”  Do we “click?” People want to work with people they get along with and whose communication style is a fit. Work doesn’t get done if there isn’t a shared “wavelength”. So, the hiring manager is using the interview to determine if your style and their style “fit”. So, as the “candidate,” find a way to discuss communication and management style to ensure that you share a comfortable way of communicating and working together.


  • Can you do the job? Interviewers want to learn about your work history to determine if your skills and experience will be a good fit for their opening – plus, they want to ensure that investing in hiring and training you will pay off. Once you have discussed the job, be honest. If you’re not sure, say so! If it is the perfect job, say so! They want to be sure that YOU will be happy in the role. No one wants to invest in a new hire just for them to wind up unhappy, unproductive or spending time looking for another job.


  • Will you make my life easier? A top performer, who is engaged in their job, makes life easier for their boss. No boss wants to constantly be checking in on you to find out if you have: completed, finished, contacted, etc. The less they need to direct you or check on you, the better off they are. Find a way to showcase your motivation, that you are a self-starter, and have been a “go-to person” for your last boss!


After the interviewer has found out all of the above, chances are he or she is thinking of lunch, checking their email – or whatever else they have to do. Recognize this point in the interview and have a “graceful close”. The interviewer will have discovered that you pick up well on social cues – an important skill – and knowing when to “close” is a positive way to conclude the interview.


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