Is THIS Why You’re Not Working?

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At Staffing Solutions, Inc., we take pride in assisting folks returning to the workplace after a hiatus. Out candidates have left the workplace for many reasons: childbirth & care, caring for an ill family member, medical issues & recovery, and following a military spouse. These are just a few examples. One thing they all have in common: anxiety!


These candidates always have the questions:


  • How do I represent my time away on my resume?


  • How do I “tell my story” in a positive way?


  • How do I prepare for interviews?


  • How do I prepare myself for a workplace—when change and skill requirements change so rapidly?


At Staffing Solutions, Inc., we know that anxiety can undermine our efforts, so, we address each of the above issues—one at a time. We personally work with our candidates to prepare their resumes, ensure their LinkedIn profiles are professional and up-to-date, and we assess their social media presence.


One-on-one coaching is critical to helping our candidates “tell their story,” truthfully—and in a positive, yet privacy-protected manner, so they don’t stumble during the interview process.


Skills training has also become critical in our ability to get our candidates back into the workplace successfully.


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