How Do You Return to Work After This?

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I recently read an article in the Wall Street Journal about the difficulty that employees have returning to work after losing a loved one or a beloved pet.


Most organizations provide for only 3 days of bereavement leave!


Can any of us really imagine how difficult it must be to try to manage the waves of grief while attempting to focus on their jobs? What if your employee has the responsibility to manage a loved one’s funeral and estate? Three days?


I, and many of our staff, have cared for ill family members and then inevitably suffered when they passed away.


Personally, I felt torn between my work and family responsibilities.


In fact, I was so overwhelmed, that I never took the opportunity to grieve until months later, and my unattended grief took over my life.


Our employees have also been in the same position: torn between competing responsibilities. I hoped that we allowed our teammates the grace to take the time away they needed to cope with their loss and grief.


Maybe, we as a society—and workplace—have not provided the TRUE flexibility required for all of us to care for our loved ones, and then care for ourselves when we lose a piece of our lives.


Let’s consider the opening that the Wall Street Journal provided to bring this conversation into our workplaces. What are your thoughts?


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