“Red Flags at work: What they are, what they mean, and what they’re telling you to do”

You’ve been feeling a sense of dread on your way to work every morning. You aren’t sleeping, your eating habits have changed – your body is telling you that something is wrong, but you already know what it is. Something is going on at work. These are just one of many signs that may mean you need to start waving the white flag and begin looking for a new job.

Your job isn’t living up to its expectations

The job description that was described to you isn’t quite living up to its reality. It was detailed to you by your leader, yet you are doing something completely different. A great job will let you apply your best skills and propel you to learn new ones. But if you find you’re spending all day doing the opposite, you’ll never develop the skills that will help you reach your career goals.

You’re underpaid and overworked

What if you knew you were underpaid, relative to your co-workers? If you allow one manager to undervalue your skillset, then the next manager will too. You can try to overcome this by focusing on promoting your strengths, asking questions, and even negotiating, but if your employer doesn’t recognize your value and capabilities, its likely time to move on.

Your colleagues are jumping ship

A major red flag is when you notice the best leaders and managers in your organization are leaving. They may have their own reasons, but there is a good chance that there are people abandoning ship for a legit reason. Even further, high turnover may mean that layoffs are imminent, or the company is going through a sale or merger. This can create a sense of unease and worry, making it difficult to focus on doing your absolute best.

No Help from HR

You may have an issue with another employee, such as inappropriate behavior (Bullying, hostility, sexual harassment), so you follow protocol and go to HR for assistance.  Your problem is then dismissed, or you’re made to believe you are the problem. If this resonates with you, then it may be time to call it quits. Once a complaint is filed, the department is required to investigate. But sometimes, the offending employee tries to label you as the problem. They may get a slap on the wrist, but the issue is never resolved.

Despite all of these signs, you should also be asking yourself how happy you truly are. If the answer is no, and you’ve experienced one or more of these red flags, it may be time to start your job search. The idea of a job search can be unsettling, but there are many resources that Staffing Solutions Inc. provides, in order to help you. Check out our website to see our list of employment opportunities. It is our duty to ensure that our candidates are placed in a positive work environment where they can reach their full potential!

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