Thank Goodness Our Job Is Not Thankless!

Unfortunately, most of us have had to work at a thankless job at some point in our lives. Here’s a list of the top ten most thankless jobs. Is your job on the list? I wasn’t surprised to see that staffing wasn’t on this list because we are thanked all the time!

We don’t do it for the thanks, but the thanks let us know that we’re doing it right. Here’s an e-mail VP Pam Huddleston received:

“I wasn’t sure that it would be possible for me to overcome the issues my recent work history has created for me. But I had a real confidence boost when I walked out of my first meeting with you. And you got me to this point – where I am waiting to start a career-level job – and it is an important milestone for me. I don’t want to move forward without expressing my tremendous gratitude for you and for Staffing Solutions. You have helped me (and my creditors!) so much. I don’t think I could have gotten my foot in the door without you guys. Being able to come in and brush up on MS Office, getting actual career advice on what skills to build on, and having an advocate to speak to employers about me… I’m really thankful for that.” -Kyle

And here’s one I received:

“There aren’t words to adequately thank you for your assistance with getting me placed in my current role. The position and the company culture are a perfect match for me and I never would have found it without you! Please enjoy these cookies as a small token of my appreciation for your efforts.” -Renee

Connecting companies with the right employees involves more than being a matchmaker. I know I speak for our entire team when I say that we genuinely care about the people we serve and have served for decades. We’re here as friends and a resource as people navigate their employment paths throughout their lives. People come to us over and over as life throws its curveballs. Jobs come and go, but we at Staffing Solutions are here whenever folks need us. They are very appreciative (and great about letting us know that).

We know that your employment is so much more than just an income. We want to help our employees find work that satisfies and gratifies them. Please keep Staffing Solutions in mind if you need assistance with your career – or if you need a Jewish mother.

Bonny Filandrinos

President, Staffing Solutions, Inc.