Working for a Staffing Agency… You Have an Agent!

Working for a staffing agency


Professional athletes, celebrities and movie stars all have “agents”. What does an agent do for them?

  • Manage their careers
  • Ensure that they read, look and speak the part
  • Get them their “gigs”
  • Keep them working
  • Negotiate their pay and perks
  • Move them from one gig to the next

The “celebrities” focus on their skills and development – the agent is responsible for lining up the work…

Employees need agents!

That’s what Staffing Solutions does for our candidates.

Why do employees need agents?


Since the mid 1990’s, companies have all gotten on the bandwagon of “managing their workforce to the business cycle” – or – hiring lots of people when the economy is humming and firing lots of people when the economy is in a downturn.

Many of our candidates have been impacted by this job roller coaster – multiple times. Maybe some were lucky and got a severance package. They still needed a job so they came to Staffing Solutions, Inc. so we could help them find their next “gig”.

As the speed of these business cycles increase – more and more folks find themselves in and out of employment. They come to Staffing Solutions, Inc.!

They need an agent to help them through these career transitions.

Staffing Solutions, Inc. will:

  • Help you understand the current job market and what employers are looking for.
  • Help you take a look at yourselves – are you presenting professionally? Dressing the part?
  • Assist with resumes – ensuring your “job language” is up-to-date with current terminology – formatted in the way employers are expecting.
  • Coach on how to describe their job history – experience, skills and how they “fit” any given opportunities.
  • Offer free training on the latest software packages and the tools that are most in demand.
  • Listen to your fears, anxieties and dreams.
  • Encourage you to not give up or get discouraged so we can help you line up your gig!

This time and next time – call us!

Everyone needs an agent!


Pass it along and check us out on Glassdoor! Read what our candidates say about having Staffing Solutions, Inc. as their agent.