Torn? Here’s How to Accept the Right Job Offer

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Lately, many of our clients are sharing stories about candidates accepting offers, then not showing up for their first day of work.


In this hot job market, many of you are being considered for than one opportunity, and you could be receiving multiple offers.


Plus, our candidates have shared with us stories of receiving & accepting an offer, then receiving another (better) offer prior to their start date –and are in a quandary for what to do!


When jobs are plentiful, you, the candidate, have to figure out what you REALLY want for the next step in your career. Once you understand what’s important to you—you won’t find yourself in a situation to burn a bridge with an employer.


Consider some of these questions as a way to help determine which job offer’s right for you, & when to accept.


About the job:


Why is the job open?


Red flag: There has been a “revolving door” in the role.

Good news: The prior person has either moved up, or into another role.



What does success look like in this role?


Red flag: Their expectations are unreasonable.

Good news: You’re comfortable knowing you are capable of meeting their expectations.


Who you will work with:


What are the biggest challenges facing this department? If the challenges seem insurmountable, who will be my “go-to” person on the team and what can I expect from my “workplace buddy”?


Red flag: They say one of the following: they have a handbook, everyone will help, or—it’s sink or swim.

Good news: They have a “mentor” or “buddy” assigned to get you trained & to be available to you.



If you’re able to determine answers to these questions throughout your interviews, you’ll be in a good position to discern which opportunity will be a good fit for YOU.


The earlier you know what the “ideal opportunity” means for you, the better. Waiting until you’re confronted with multiple offers, that may not be the right fit, will only confuse you in the decision-making process, and could harm your relationships with potential employers.


Think—even if you decide to change your mind after accepting Company A’s offer, you won’t want to burn a bridge with them, in case they have the perfect role for you the next time you’re seeking a career change.


At Staffing Solutions, Inc. we invest significant time & energy listening to our candidates’ needs & goals while you’re on the job search… so we can help coach you in making the right career move… so YOU can be successful.


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