When You Should Quit Your Job


  1. You are angry and your work product shows it.
  2. You are so frustrated you negatively impact your team.
  3. You start treating others in the workplace with contempt or lack of respect.
  4. You start coming in late, taking long lunches and leaving early.
  5. You start taking too much time off for interviewing and lie about why you need time off.
  6. You no longer have a sense of urgency to respond to emails or meet deadlines.
  7. You stop caring about your appearance and don’t dress “like you care.”

All of the above or even a few can harm your reputation and impact your ability to land a great new opportunity. Hiring managers don’t just check you out with reference calls! They know people who likely know you! These bad references (or social media “clues”) can follow you and your reputation for YEARS.

What to do?

Quit your job, NOW! I know you need a job – this is one business cycle where jobs are plentiful – plus, you can always get contract work to bridge. When you are angry or frustrated, you will likely not interview well. Companies keep a “no thanks” list in their ATS and this could prevent you from being considered for jobs for years.

Don’t risk ruining your reputation for what could be a small loss of income!

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