Quitting Your Job Before You Ruin Your Professional Reputation


Last time, I offered you several reasons and outcomes when you stay in a job that is making you miserable. When you’re miserable, your unhappiness is not only evident, it is contagious. Move on before you harm your professional reputation!

How to give notice under these circumstances?

Make it about you!

Do not explain about the circumstances or reasons for your dissatisfaction.

  • Emphasize instead:
    Explain that you are not on a “wavelength” with your current boss and though you have tried, your communication is not what it should be for both of you to be effective and therefore projects don’t get completed or lack the quality that you would demand from yourself. Your boss would be better served with someone who will be a better fit for the manager.
  • Or, this is not the right “fit” for you and it is evident to you that your work product is NOT of the caliber that you expect from yourself, and that you may not be contributing to the extent that you expect, and it’s time to move on.


  • Give adequate notice.
  • Offer (and mean it) to assist and develop a transition plan.
  • Consider working out a “deal” to transition the new hire or contractor if they allow time for you to schedule interviews.

Next! How to discuss “Why you quit a job without another” during interviews.