Why You Need A Talent Agent

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It’s no secret that we’re living in a candidate-driven job market. With the unemployment rate at 3.2%—the lowest it’s been in 50 years—job seekers tend to have the upper hand.


Yet, our experience is that many candidates have misconceptions about landing their next role.


Today we’ll share these misunderstandings, and why partnering with a “talent agent” can help you be successful in your job search.


Here are some examples:


  • Asking above what you’re qualified for. In our experience, many applicants think that if the demand for workers is so high, then companies will be willing to pay whatever it takes to find the right person.


    • In reality: Employers are always looking at the “big picture,” and aren’t always able to budget more money for hiring. Recruiters & “talent agents” know the market value and what companies are willing to pay for their open positions.



  • Making mistakes on your resume. Some candidates assume that employers are desperate to find qualified applicants, and that they’re not concerned with finding the “perfect resume.” Many job seekers use a “one size fits all” approach, submitting the same resume for each open position.


    • In reality: Most companies use special search features to filter out resumes that have grammatical errors, are confusing to read, and that don’t include keywords from their job descriptions. This is done so that hiring leaders are only presented with candidates that appear to be a good fit for the role. “Talent agents” know what employers look for in the “perfect resume,” and can help customize yours for each position, as well as proofread it for mistakes that you might have missed.



  • Not applying to positions because of X, Y, or Z. Despite being in a job seeker’s market, many candidates are discouraged from applying to certain positions because they don’t hit all areas of the job requirements.


    • In reality: Employers write job descriptions with the goal of finding the “perfect candidate,” but in today’s market, it’s not always possible to find someone that meets every single qualification. Candidates may still be eligible, even if they don’t have X, Y, or Z. “Talent agents” have experience marketing their candidates, and can help “position” your skills and experience to the right employer. They help explain gaps in your employment history, and can often show an employer that you’re still a potential fit. Staffing Solutions, Inc. also offers training opportunities to boost your skills, so when the right opportunity comes along, you’re qualified!



The bottom line: If you’re looking for a job, why go at it alone?


When you have a “talent agent” like Staffing Solutions, Inc., we’re in your corner. We know what employers are looking for in their new hire, so let us represent you!


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