Would You Marry Someone After A 15-Minute Phone Conversation?

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Often, our candidates compliment our team for our thoroughness in interviewing, assessment & skills testing process. We know it “takes longer” at Staffing Solutions, Inc. because we decided that spending a little more time with you was important for your long-term career goals.


Yet, there are occasionally candidates that decide they don’t want to “spend all that time” with us. They have become accustomed to the other agencies pulling their resume from the internet, having a brief 15-minute phone “interview,” and then submitting their resumes to their clients.


We take a different approach. In today’s tight labor market, job seekers are motivated to find the right fit with a job that meets their needs. That’s important to us, too! Not only is it important to us–it’s important to your future employer. Now, more than ever, companies are working their hardest to find and keep engaged employees that are a good match for the role and the organization.


Here’s why we take our time when you walk through our doors:


  • We want to hear about your past experiences. During your interview, we want to take the time to detail the types of responsibilities you’ve had day-to-day. In addition, it’s important for us to understand your career goals and what you’re looking for in your next position.


  • We want to know what abilities you have. Our interview process often includes job family-specific testing, which isn’t meant to scare you off! We want to know how to match your current skills with the job descriptions we receive, so we can find the right fit in your next role. In addition, we offer our candidates free training on the software our clients use. We’re here to help you!


  • We want to get to know your personality, and how you perform best. Every candidate that comes in our office takes a Rembrandt Personality Profile that gives us insight on your workplace style and what environments you’re most comfortable working in—so we can find the right “culture fit” for both you and our clients.


The positive feedback we receive from applicants reinforces that we’re doing “the right thing” in their eyes. These candidates are grateful that we take the time and effort to get to know them, and to understand their experiences, skills, and career goals.


Plus, we assist them with their resumes and provide training & coaching to improve interviewing skills. Our applicants feel comfortable with us representing them. We are not just a “staffing firm,” we are career agents – representing local talent to St. Louis’ best local employers!


We are SO appreciative of our candidates’ feedback and their willingness to share their thoughts on Glassdoor. Don’t take our word for it, see our page here.


Yes, we live in a time where cutting corners to “make a buck” is more and more socially acceptable. Yet, in our world, cutting corners can harm our candidates and clients.


After all, you wouldn’t marry someone after just a 15-minute phone call, would you? In both situations, you want a commitment that lasts.


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