What Staffing Solutions Is Hearing From Our Candidates In “Job Seeker Hell”

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Every day, even in the tightest labor market in over 50 years, we continue to get negative feedback from our applicants—and they are sharing their most frustrating stories from “job seeker hell.”


  • “I responded to a job posting. I was perfectly qualified, so I submitted my resume. No one ever acknowledged my submittal.


  • “Getting ghosted. I interviewed for a job, and when I asked, the company wouldn’t explain to me the next step in the “process,” and I never heard from the employer. I followed up by phone and email, and never even received a response.”


  • “The company brought me back for multiple interviews spanning several weeks (and time away from my current job) and I wasn’t notified for weeks that another candidate was selected, or given any feedback (when asked) on why I wasn’t selected. Closure beats limbo!”


  • “The job description that was posted, that I am interviewing for, has no resemblance to the role the hiring leader described during the interview. Whose version is correct? Why the disconnect? I don’t want to work at an organization like that.”


  • “I informed the company of my salary requirements prior to accepting an interview. The “process” required multiple interviews. I got an offer for significantly less than I indicated I was seeking. What a waste of my time.”


If your organization is guilty of the above, or of similarly dismissive behavior towards candidates—beware. Candidates consider this behavior as a sign of how an organization treats its employees, and they aren’t afraid to share their opinions with others (including staffing firms).


Social media has changed the dynamic between job seekers & potential employers —AKA, your organization. Think of Glassdoor & other review sites that can prevent “A” players from accepting your offers.


Again, beware—and be aware of your employment brand.


Our candidates trust us to vet our hiring partners, and it shows! We know that clients & candidates pick staffing firms based on online reviews, & our Glassdoor rating of 4.9/5.0 allows us to attract the best talent for our hiring partners.


This has been our experience—how about you? We’d love to hear your thoughts.


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