Why Your New Hire Is A “No-Show”

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The labor market is still hot—and there is still a shortage of, and a competitive market for, top-notch talent.


However, this scenario lends itself to candidates often receiving multiple job offers–and the results are often creating circumstances where candidates are more likely to negotiate more favorable offers or turn you down. Plus, more candidates are receiving counter-offers from their current employers.


Worse, we are hearing about more candidates accepting offers, then not showing up for their first day of work.


According to surveys, more than 25% of workers have backed out of an offer after accepting. Why?


From the time they accepted the offer, they received a better offer prior to their start date. Why not call & tell you?


They are terrified to call you & give you the bad news, or, to be put in a situation to reconsider once again.


The consequences for the “ghosting employee” can cause reputational harm. Companies get angry and will do everything they can to let other employers and recruiters know.


As an employer, what can you do?



    • Let the candidate know that should they receive another offer, to contact you ASAP.


    • Start communicating with your new hire after acceptance. Send welcome letters, training materials, business cards, & company-branded items. Think of keeping your new employee committed and engaged.


If you lose your candidates in spite of the above, then the individual has truly “de-selected” themselves. Accept that and move on.


However, ask the team if there were “red flags,”–vibes that may have been an indication that the candidate was not really interested, and keep that information in mind when you continue the search.


At Staffing Solutions Inc., we spend our time & energy understanding the needs & goals of our candidates, to ensure they’re ready to make a commitment to our clients.


When our clients & candidates don’t succeed, neither can we.


Consider your candidates: their needs, their concerns, their time. Doing so will help to result in a successful hiring process & a positive candidate experience. When those two go hand-in-hand, you’ve got a happy new hire & a happy hiring leader. What’s better than that?


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