5 Ways to Ruin Your Job Search

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You & your recruiter are partners for your career path! This partnership requires authenticity AND honesty. Partnering with a recruiter or search firm can be a valuable resource for your job search, and we’ll show you why.


Here are the most common barriers we see—and why to avoid them:


  • Are you actually interested in the role presented to you? The benefit of working with a search firm or recruiter is having a “talent agent” seeking more opportunities for you—including some that are not public. While we always want to offer great opportunities, there might be times we’ll discuss a job that might not interest you. If you know the salary’s not in your range, the commute’s too far, or any other reason—let us know! It will not make us angry or prevent us from helping you find the right role. It saves time—for us, for you, and the company.


  • Stretching the truth on your resume. We want to find the right fit for you. If you misrepresent your past job duties on your resume, we’re unable to truly find a role you’ll be happy in and qualified for. If you need help reworking your resume or rephrasing your past experiences, we’re more than happy to help.


  • Not telling the truth about being fired. Even some of the most talented and successful people have been fired at one time or another in their career—we get it! Usually, there was a reason you were let go. Be sure to discuss this with your recruiter. They can coach you to tell your story in a positive way. When you lie, it causes you anxiety and can affect your ability to interview well. Think—when an employer goes to check your references, will your stories line up? It never pays to lie!


  • Do we truly know your salary requirements? Our goal is to find you the best total reward package possible. If you believe that you were underpaid in your last job—you probably were! When we know your honest expectations, we have a better scope of the opportunities that will suit you. Keep in mind—we don’t want you to miss out on your dream job because it pays a few grand less than your ideal range. We have to consider not just salary & benefits—but the other rewards & perks of the role.


  • How is the rest of your job search really going? If you’re busy with interviews and seeking out opportunities aside from with your “talent agent,” that’s OK! Be transparent with your recruiter. If we know exactly where you with other interviews, it can help when we’re negotiating an offer or nudging a hiring leader to make a decision. We will continue to work with you if you’re considering other options!


Working with a search firm or recruiter can help you find the job of your dreams—but not without your help. If you’re unable to be honest about your past experiences and your career goals, how can we make sure we’re on the right track?


If you know you would benefit from having a “talent agent,”  consider partnering with Staffing Solutions, Inc. to help boost your job search—it’s what we do! We can help build your resume, navigate your interviews, negotiate your offers—and help you find a career—not a job!


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