CAREERCompass October 2019 Career Strategy Newsletter

Bernie Frazier Success in You

Do you have “it”?


Yes, do you have “it”?  Not everyone has “it,” but you certainly notice “it” when you see “it.”  So, what is “it”?




That intangible quality which lets people know the person with “it” is someone special.  They walk into a room and command attention.  When they speak, they’re like E.F. Hutton – people listen.  They exude a certain charisma, charm and confidence that makes people want to be around them; makes people want to follow them.


When looking for a job or to climb the Corporate Ladder, this can be a very advantageous trait to possess and display.  Companies always want to hire people who they feel are confident and savvy.  They always want people who come across as leaders; as influential.  Often times, the difference between the people who get hired or promoted and those who don’t is presence.  It’s how they stand, walk, talk, gesture, respond to tough questions and situations, and even position themselves in a crowd.


People with presence don’t shy away from small talk; they delight in it.  Yet, if they don’t say a word, you still notice them.  They know how to smile without looking ‘cheesy,’ and they know how to make you think.  Their attire is crisp and neat, they communicate with confidence in their own words, they know how to maintain their composure under stress and not let you see them sweat, and they have the ability to connect with people on more than a superficial level.


If you are looking for your next job or striving for a larger assignment with your current employer, but not having much success, it may not be your resume, it may be your presence.  Examine yourself and ask others, “Do I have it?”



Who is Robby Leonardi?


That’s a great question. I have no idea.


However, a friend sent a link to me she received several years ago to his online resume so I could see how amazing it is. Let me just say, IT’S AMAZING!


Now, 99% of us could NEVER create a resume this fantastic, but I thought I’d send it to you to show you what’s possible and what makes sense for a resume. If you’ve ever heard me talk about how to create your resume, you know the #1 point I make is, “Make it relevant to the job(s) you’re pursuing.” 


As you’ll see, Robby took the concept of relevancy to another level! Based on his background, I would imagine he was pursuing opportunities in the same spaces he highlighted in his background – design, illustration, coding, and animation.


Unless I found out he was a serial killer, I’d probably want to hire him immediately! If you want to find out why, click on the link below, and if you ever meet Robby, give him a high-five for one of the best resumes ever!


See Robby’s Resume


To your success,