Career Strategy Newsletter – October 2020

Rejected or Redirected?

Lately, I’ve interacted with a few people who are feeling rejected and frustrated. A couple of situations have been personal, one was business, and the others were career. Funny, my headline above applies to all of them.

While I realize there’s been a certain scent in the atmosphere (C.O.V.I.D.!) which certainly hasn’t helped, that wasn’t it.

These are folks who had been in situations they truly believed were PERFECT for them, but things didn’t work out. The disappointment was rough, and they started to creep back into their shell; into their old patterns – to quit. And, on this I called BULL!

I shared with each of them what I’m now sharing with you – it happened the way it did for a reason. One or two rejections isn’t nearly sufficient enough for you to quit. 

Let me share a story with you:

A number of years ago, I was being considered for a job – a really nice job! As I moved through the interview process, I became even more impressed with the person I hoped (she was an interim Executive) would be my boss, my peers, and the job itself.

Things were going really well, and one day, I received the job offer! I was so excited….until they told me the compensation. Damn! It was tens of thousands below what I felt the job should pay (same industry, much bigger role).

The good news is I negotiated the offer, like I’ve taught a number of you to do, and they came up $10,000. Good, but we were still $20,000 apart; not good.

After checking with a few really good sources I had in the industry, it was confirmed that the job should pay much more than what they were offering, based on industry averages.

I tried to negotiate for more, but was told there was no more. Damn, I really wanted that job, but it wasn’t in the cards for me. I ended up turning it down, but felt rejected. Sounds weird doesn’t it, but it’s the truth. I felt like they didn’t truly value what I had to offer and, instead, wanted to exploit me.

I was in a funk for a good week or longer. I kept wondering why they wouldn’t come up higher.

Roll the clock forward about six months. While in a conversation with a professional colleague, I found out three things:

  1. Their pay ranges really wouldn’t allow them to pay me more;
  2. The executive I hit it off with didn’t take the job, even though it was offered to her;
  3. The person who got the job was someone I had worked in the same organization with in the past. While I never worked for him, everyone I knew who did hated it!

So, you see, what I thought was rejection ended up being a redirect, and to something better!

When things don’t work out the way you hoped, move yourself to a better place by applying these three steps:

  1. Give yourself a minute to sulk then get back up. I don’t literally mean one minute, but I also don’t mean months! We’re all human and hate disappointment (I’m first in line), but staying in your funk isn’t going to change your situation. Sometimes, you have to just put your big girl panties (or big boy underwear) on and keep it moving.
  2. Get still to assess what happened. See if there were things you could’ve done differently so you can course correct for the next time.
  3. Know that it happened for a reason. It took six months for me to understand (and appreciate!) why that job didn’t work out, but God knew that would not have been a good situation for me and spared me from it! Sometimes, it takes a while to know the why but, trust me, there’s always one. You may not see it, but it’s part of a grander plan for you. If your situation doesn’t work out, that situation wasn’t yours to have. It’s not always easy, but trust the process. It never fails.

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