What Will Happen If We Return to Work?

worried woman


Ready to go back to work? I think we all are! As businesses begin to reopen, many are eager to return to work—but can we do it safely?


If you’re planning on returning to work or are looking for a new job soon, you need to be prepared. “Normal” has been thrown out the window, and right now, there isn’t a government protocol in place that can prevent employees AND employers from the risks that come with returning to work.


It’s important to mention that “the United States is one of the only rich countries not requiring employers to give their workers paid time off when they’re sick.” (1)


Some states have even been trying to revoke employees’ unemployment benefits if they refuse to return to work because they’re concerned about getting sick. (2)


Luckily, the federal government is trying to pass legislation to ensure employees will receive compensation if they get sick while working. (1) However, nothing’s set in stone, and businesses are now reopening.


If you’re like me, and still have concerns about how to get back to work safely, here are a few things you can do:


  • Talk to your employer. Understand your company’s policies regarding sick pay, if/how that might change, and what their expectations are for concerned employees when it’s time to go back to work.


  • Ask questions. If you’re looking for a new job, be proactive about this. Make sure that any potential employers are taking adequate precautions and comply with OSHA and CDC guidelines. If you feel uncomfortable with what you learn about the company, move on.


  • Stay informed. This is a fluid situation. As I mentioned before, there’s no “protocol” for a disaster like this, so legislation is changing rapidly—and it affects you. Read the news and pay attention to what’s happening in your local and state government so you can make informed decisions to best benefit you and your family.


  • Be safe! It can’t be stressed enough. The best way to avoid getting sick & to decrease the rate of infection is by keeping your distance, wearing your mask, and staying clean. For up-to-date recommendations from the CDC, click here. (3)


We’ll get through this, I promise!



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