Job Search Anxiety Made You Do What? Say It Ain’t So…


We know that conducting a job search is an anxiety-producing situation and please understand when you visit our office…

I will notice all of your body language and verbal style “stuff” that makes you look insecure, anxious, ashamed or any other emotions that send the wrong message during an interview!

I want to HELP – so please be grateful that we care enough about your success to “call you out” and provide strategies to help you break these subconscious habits.

Body language stuff that makes me act like your mother:

Playing with your hair, jewelry, clothing
Looking away from me
Staring or too much eye contact
Finger drumming, foot tapping
Pen clicking
NOT smiling
Some self-fondling stuff that I can’t mention here!
Monitoring your phone
Arms crossed
Nail biting, picking


The word “like” is, like, making my interviewers and hiring managers crazy – and turned off – STOP! We have clients who have NOT extended offers to qualified candidates due to this. Surely you are more capable or expressing yourself without using “like” as a verbal filler.
Using incorrect words: lie, lay, laid, etc.
Improper verb tenses: “I seen it.” “I got it wrote down.”
Irregardless – uggh…
And too many to write here. Please check your vocabulary. What a turn-off to use “big words” improperly in an interview – the interviewer is embarrassed FOR you!

Above is a brief collection – yet, daily I still receive this type of feedback from our clients!

Do you have any favorites? Share! So everyone can learn!