So You’re Miserable in Your Job – and You Think Finding a New Job is the Answer. What if it’s About You?

So you are miserable in your job

We talked about quitting your job before you harm your reputation by no longer being “engaged.” But what if quitting your job now is NOT the right thing to do? Yes, you dread Sundays because you are already thinking about Monday. You feel unhappy and you are afraid you’re reaching your “breaking point.” Before you start, ask yourself is it really the job?

Maybe the “universe” is trying to tell you something like it’s time to ask yourself to be honest, maybe you’re running away. No matter how long you’ve been in your current position, you may be telling yourself any job is better than your current one, right? Fear brings on “fight or flight” and can push you to run away – to get out of a bad situation. Quitting too soon can also be a terrible career move! Before you conclude that it’s time to go – ask yourself:

Is the grass really going to be greener elsewhere? Have you made a list of the pros and cons of your current job? Before you decide to jump ship – you need to do this exercise! When we’re desperate, we will take any job! If you accept any job just to escape, your new job could be worse than your current one. Then what? Leave again? Try explaining that poor judgment to the NEXT hiring leader.

You could be missing a growth opportunity. Being unhappy is our subconscious way of pushing us to make our lives better. Growth occurs when we push ourselves through uncomfortable situations. You may even create a developmental opportunity for yourself. This is time to dig deep and be honest with yourself.

Are you really ready to go? Do you love your job but the money, title, location, isn’t perfect? Running after salary increases, titles, location, and benefits are all the wrong reasons!

In my 40 years in staffing, when I watch candidates leaving for these reasons, the outcome is a disaster. Honor yourself – ask yourself if you can find a way to make it work – a new project, a promotion, show the leaders how you can add value. Instead of assuming the problem is your boss, your company or your co-workers – look within.

You may think you are ready to move on. If you are unhappy, having self-doubt, that is the worst mental space to be in when you begin a job search. Give yourself a little time. Get positive then contact a Staffing Solutions, Inc. representative to see how we can assist!