Using Two PowerPoint Slideshows in One Presentation

Here’s How

Include Several Templates in One Show

1. From an open PowerPoint presentation, select Insert on menu bar then choose Slides from Files from the drop down menu.
2. Select the other presentation from which you want to copy one or more slides by using the Browse button.
3. In the Preview pane, highlight the slides to copy.
4. To keep the original template (background) for the copied slides, click the Keep Source Formatting checkbox.
5. Click Insert.
6. You now have one presentation with multiple templates (backgrounds).

Copy Slides into One Template

If you want to copy the information from a different slideshow’s page but not the template, do everything exactly as above, except for step 4:
Import slides but use the open file’s background and template by simply unchecking the Keep Source Formatting checkbox so it is blank.
That’s it!