Change the Default Font Face and Color in Outlook

To customize the fonts used by default for reading and composing messages as well as replies in Outlook:

  • Click File in Outlook.
  • Select Options from the menu that shows.
  • Go to the Mail category.
  • Click Stationery and Fonts… under Use stationery to change default fonts and styles, colors, and backgrounds..
  • If you have a theme or stationery set:
    • Disable the stationery or theme,
      • (Click Theme….
      • Make sure (No Theme) is highlighted under Choose a Theme.
      • Now click OK.)
    • make sure Outlook will use your custom fonts instead of those specified by the stationery or theme
      • (Select Use my font when replying and forwarding messages or Always use my fonts for Font: underTheme or stationery for new HTML e-mail message.)
    • or specify the font for plain text emails alone.
  • Click Fonts… under New mail messagesReplying or forwarding messages and Composing and reading plain text messages to select the desired fonts; to finish, click OK for category.
  • Click OK.
  • Click OK again