Have You Visited “Job Seeker Hell”?

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Just when we thought companies were “getting religion” about how critical the “candidate experience” is during a search, in the tightest labor market in over 50 years, we continue to get negative feedback from our applicants—and they are sharing “job seeker hell” stories.


If you have a story to share, we’d like to hear it.


These are the stories we’ve heard at Staffing Solutions, Inc…


  • You responded to a job posting. You were perfectly qualified, so you submitted your resume. No one ever acknowledged your submittal.


  • Getting ghosted. You interview for a job—the company didn’t explain to you the next step in the “process,” and you never hear from the employer. You follow up, and get no response.


  • The company brings you back for multiple interviews spanning several weeks (and time away from your current job) and you aren’t notified for weeks that another candidate was selected. Closure beats limbo!


  • The job description that was posted, that you are interviewing for, has no resemblance to the role the hiring leader described during the interview. Whose version is correct?


  • You informed the company of your salary requirements prior to accepting an interview. The “process” requires multiple interviews. You get an offer for significantly less than you indicated you were seeking.



Consider this behavior towards you as a sign of how an organization treats its employees. While you may feel disappointed—it beats landing a miserable job!


At Staffing Solutions, Inc., we vet our hiring partners—culture, growth opportunities, salary, benefits, etc. Don’t waste your time with organizations that aren’t top-notch!


That’s why we are here!


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