Employer Testimonials

I’d like to virtually introduce you to Bonny Filandrinos with Staffing Solutions.  Bonny’s organization has provided our company with quality HR talent over the past several years.  She brought us some of our top HR leads along with many others.  She’s one of the few agencies that takes the time to ensure her placements are a fit for our company and the contractor.  It’s why our retention and conversion rate with her placements has been so much better than others.  Also, she’s just really fun to chat with.

Director, Talent Services

“Just wanted to let you know that we had an awesome first week with Christina. I hope she’s as happy as we are at this point. Many times when you spend time with a person they are not what you thought, but Christina has been exactly as we had hoped. She’s very pleasant to be around, ambitious, takes initiative, willing to do whatever is necessary and works well with or without others. We’re having fun!

Thanks again for finding her for us!”


“It has been a sincere pleasure doing business with Staffing Solutions.  Prior to selecting and ultimately hiring this Temp, we interviewed 2 additional other candidates.  All candidates presented were highly recommended, extremely professional,, highly skilled and a pleasure to interview.  Unmistakable quality.  Will recommend Staffing Solutions to my colleagues.”

Josephine E

“Beth is wonderful! She stepped in, trained with Sara for all of about 3 hours, and then began work with absolutely no blips. She has just been fantastic. I am very impressed with the quality of your temps!! Thanks so much”


“Ladies, just wanted to echo my appreciation for the quality candidates you sent over so quickly for our head of Marketing to interview. She was really impressed with the first candidate, but regardless of who she chooses, I’m sure it will be a huge burden off her. She is really going through some intense emotions with the loss of our staff person while trying to continue to run her department. This seems to be the route she wants to take, so she will keep you posted. Thank you again for always being there for us and sending quality folks! You ARE the best!”