1. Show up on time 2. Do what you say you are going to do 3. Finish what you start 4. Say please and thank you

  • Statement of Ethical Practices

    Staffing Solutions, Inc. is committed to our applicants, and will adhere to certain policies that we have initiated on your behalf:

    We will submit your resume only after our staff has had an in-depth interview with you. This includes detailing your work history, evaluating your skills, conducting background reference checks and administering our profile. We can only represent you as a qualified candidate by getting to know you first.

    • We will submit your credentials to the client company only after you have given us your permission.
    • If you are currently working, we will attempt to schedule your interviews during non-business hours whenever possible.
    • We only call our client for feedback after we speak to you, so please call us as soon as your interview ends to provide us with your feedback.
    • If you are offered a position, we require our client to furnish you with an offer letter that describes the terms of your employment.
    • We will only contact your references after you give us your permission.
    • There is no fee to you and no contract that obligates you to remain employed if the job does not work out. Please call if you have any questions.
  • Policy and Procedures

    Call the Staffing Solutions Office:

    • On the first day of your assignment
    • Each and every day
      • you are unable to make your assignment*
      • you are sick
      • you are late for work—Not being in the workplace and ready to work
      • you need to leave early*
      • if you have to change your work schedule for any reason.
    • Requests to leave early/take days off need to be submitted on our website (see Payroll section)*
    • If you are injured on your assignment (We need to let you know where to receive appropriate medical treatment, and procedures for follow-up care.)
    • If you have a problem with your assignment
    • If you have a question related to software being used on your assignment
    • To advise us of your availability
    • To advise us that you would like to apply for a full-time position with our client
    • To advise us that you will be leaving an assignment
    • If you have any questions whatsoever

    *Calling the client is NOT a substitute for calling Staffing Solutions, Inc. You must notify our office prior to your scheduled start time. Failure to do so may result in termination.

    Should you accept a full-time position while on an assignment for Staffing Solutions, Inc., in order to be eligible for rehire, a one week notice is required.

    If you leave or are released from an assignment and you have property belonging to the client, you must return said items within 3 days, or your paycheck will not be released until that property is returned or the dollar value of the property will be deducted from your last paycheck.

    Under no circumstances should you run clients’ errands or conduct business in your car while on assignment at Staffing Solutions, Inc. Our Workers’ Compensation Insurance does not cover auto vehicle incidents. If you have been asked to run errands in your car and you need help with this situation, please call the Staffing Solutions, Inc. office for further directions.

  • Time and Attendance

    The policy has been designed to provide attendance standards for all staff and outline the appropriate procedures to follow for scheduled and unscheduled absences.


    You should make every effort not to be absent. An absence is defined as any time you are not at work at a time when you are scheduled to be there. An absence also includes arriving late to work or leaving early.

    Absences do not include days you have properly requested to be off for family or medical reasons, funeral leave, jury duty or properly scheduled and approved vacation.

    If Staffing Solutions, Inc. or its client determines an employee has excessive absenteeism, the employee will receive a written or verbal warning. If improvement does not occur, the employee can be terminated from the assignment and from Staffing Solutions, Inc.

    You must contact the Staffing Solutions office every day that you will not be making your assignment or changing your normal work schedule for the following reasons:

    Scheduled Absences – Time away from work which is scheduled and approved in advance by the staff members’ supervisor. This includes jury duty, military leave, bereavement, and sick time used for health care provider appointments.

    Unscheduled Absences – Time away from work which is not scheduled in advance or approved by the staff members’ supervisor. This includes unscheduled sick time and/or leaving the workplace before the end of the scheduled work hours, coming in late, and taking an extended lunch break.

    Lateness – Not being in the workplace and ready to work by the start of the staff member’s regularly scheduled workday.

    Leaving Early – Not completing the staff member’s regularly scheduled workday.

    Once you obtain permission to leave early or take days off from your supervisor you need to submit the request through our website to our office at

    *Calling the client is not a substitute for calling Staffing Solutions, Inc. You must notify our office prior to your scheduled start time. Failure to do so may result in termination.

  • Employee Conduct

    Dress Code

    It is the policy of Staffing Solutions, Inc. that each employee’s dress, grooming, and personal hygiene should be appropriate to the workplace. In your manner of dress, you are demonstrating professionalism, as well as your respect for the client’s workplace.  For tips on acceptable business professional, business casual, and more, please contact your Staffing Solutions representative.

    Grounds For Discipline and Discharge

    As an employee and representative of Staffing Solutions, Inc., there are policies you must follow and failure to follow our policies can result in termination of your employment with Staffing Solutions, Inc. While on assignments, you will work at a variety of companies, each with its own set of rules. Remember that although Staffing Solutions, Inc. is your sole or primary employer, YOU ARE REQUIRED TO FOLLOW THE POLICIES OF BOTH STAFFING SOLUTIONS INC. AND THE CLIENT. IF THERE IS A CONFLICT BETWEEN THE POLICIES, YOU NEED TO CONTACT THE PRESIDENT, VICE PRESIDENT OF OPERATIONS OR VICE PRESIDENT OF ADMINISTRATION FOR GUIDANCE.

    Employees may be disciplined or discharged, at Staffing Solutions’ discretion, for engaging in misconduct. The following are guidelines showing examples of the kinds of conduct that are prohibited and could lead to discharge or discipline. This list is not all-inclusive, and therefore includes, but is not limited to, the following:

    1. Dishonesty, such as falsification, misrepresentation, or omissions on personnel records, timesheets, or other Staffing Solutions, Inc. or Client business records, or theft or removal of Staffing Solutions, Inc. or Client’s, or other employee’s property from Staffing Solutions, Inc or Client premises without permission.
    2. Failure to obey a supervisor’s orders, insubordination, failure to follow policies and procedures, or similar offenses.
    3. Showing disrespect to managers, supervisors, or fellow employees by failing to handle issues in a professional manner, including, but not limited to, losing your temper, losing control, yelling, screaming, and/or threatening.
    4. Sabotage, defacing, or willful destruction of Staffing Solutions, Inc. or Client’s or another employee’s property or material.
    5. Leaving the premises without permission during working time (working time does not include meal or break periods).
    6. Sleeping during working time (working time does not include meal or break periods).
    7. Smoking in prohibited areas.
    8. Fighting, inciting a fight or threatening other employees.
    9. Possession of firearms, explosives, or any weapon on Staffing Solutions, Inc. or Client’s property.
    10. Failure to immediately report an accident or injury to your manager or supervisor.
    11. Commission of any unlawful act on Staffing Solutions, Inc. or Client’s premises or commission of any unlawful act off Staffing Solutions, Inc. or Client’s premises which affects the employee’s relationship to his job or his fellow employees.
    12. Drinking or possession of, or being under the influence of, an alcoholic beverage during the work day or reporting for work under the influence of alcohol.
    13. Sale, use, possession or being under the influence of a controlled substance during the work day, or reporting to work under the influence of a controlled substance. Also failure to report the sale or use of a controlled substance on Staffing Solutions, Inc. or Client premises.
    14. Violating any safety rules.
    15. Selling services or products for your personal business, or for another company (for example, Avon, Amway, Tupperware, etc.) during the workday (including meal or break periods)
    16. Leaving an assignment in order to take another agency’s temporary assignment.
    17. Failure to follow procedures, including but not limited to, proper “check-in” procedures, or procedures for changes in work schedule, or for applying for work at a client company.
    18. Violating any of the rules set forth in this Handbook.

    Discipline can consist of a verbal warning, written warning, suspension, or discharge, although the particular discipline imposed for misconduct, if any, will depend on the facts and circumstances in each case, and will be decided at the sole discretion of Staffing Solutions, Inc.