Employee Resources FAQ

“We are committed to helping people through life’s career transitions. Whether you are trying to earn money while you are looking for a fulltime position, searching for the perfect job, in a career transition, just out of school and need to gain business experience or desire the flexibility of “temping/contracting”, we can help!”

Bonny Filandrinos, Founder

Staffing Solutions, Inc. staffs/recruits for corporate support positions including, administrative/executive assistants, customer service, office assistants, marketing/communications and  accounting support positions. Additionally, we staff for these profesional positions such as human resources, finance/accounting, and marketing.

Our clients are responsible for paying for our services.  Therefore, our applicants are never charged a fee.

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Our recruiters will review your resume.  If your skills and experience are a fit for the types of positions that we staff, one of our recruiters will contact you to schedule a time for you to come in and register with Staffing Solutions.

Yes, you will receive an email or phone call regarding the status of your resume.

You will receive a response within 24 – 48 hours.

Yes, our Applicant Coordinator can tell you if we have received your resume and its status.

Visit our website and sign up for job alerts.

Temporary/contract positions can last anywhere from a single day, weeks or can be indefinite in duration.

We staff for Fortune 500 companies, small business, educational institutions and nonprofits in a variety of industries.

Temporary/contract employees, who work through an agency remain the employee of the agency.  They are NOT an employee of the company that they are placed/assigned to. Your paycheck is issued by Staffing Solutions, Inc.

You are a Staffing Solutions employee while you are on assignment at our client and are paid weekly by Staffing Solutions.  Once the client “converts” you to a full-time employee you will become a full-time employee of the company.

For a temp-to-hire opportunity you will usually be offered an hourly rate that is within the range of the full-time position, however, that hourly rate is part of the negotiation and must be agreed upon before beginning your temp-to-hire position with our client.

Staffing Solutions will negotiate your salary on your behalf prior to you accepting a temp-to-hire position.

Yes, Staffing Solutions or the client will pay for your parking, however, if Staffing Solutions is reimbursing for parking, we have a maximum reimbursement of $6.00 per day.

If you accept a contract opportunity, Staffing Solutions will continue to look for full-time (direct hire) opportunities for you.  You should continue your search as well.  If you are offered a full-time job while on a contract position we ask that you give us 1-2 weeks’ notice.

The length of temp-to-hire positions can vary and will be negotiated prior to you accepting the position.

If you did not see an answer to your question, please email your question to us at mail@staffingsolutionsinc.com.