Is Your Email Address Killing Your Job Search?

woman pointing to screen that says email address


Are you looking for a new job? A great, new career opportunity? Want to get your resume into the hands of a hiring leader at a promising company?


You’ve submitted several resumes for positions that you are perfectly qualified for. Your friends have hand-delivered your resume to the right person.


However, nobody is biting, and you can’t figure out why.


Your social media is clean, you have a great job history with top-notch companies, and you’ve proofed your resume so many times that you KNOW it’s perfect!


So, what’s the deal?


Have you ever considered that it might have to do with that email address of yours? Bet you haven’t thought of that!


Recruiters and hiring managers know that not everyone in “job search mode” realizes the impact of their e-mail address. You know the story about making a good first impression, and we are here to say that something as simple as an unprofessional email address can be off-putting to recruiters.


If it’s time for you to get a new email address, consider these tips:


    • Keep it simple. Use a simple combination of your name, so it is easily understood.


    • Forget the humor. Not only is humor subjective, but it can give the image that you may not take things seriously. A “funny” email can exist for personal use, but it doesn’t belong on a resume.


    • Add numbers – carefully. If you are unable to use a combination of your first and last name, add numbers. But, not too many! Also, avoid adding birthday, birth year, or age… discrimination is STILL real!


    • Keep it professional. Avoid any references to religion, hobbies, or inappropriate Please, it’s personal. And again, discrimination exists!


Reminder: It is entirely okay to keep your old email, just create a new email that is strictly for professional purposes!


After you’ve followed these tips and have updated your contact info, you should good-to-go on your job search.


Still have questions? Let us know. We can help jump-start your career transition!


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