The Interview’s Over. Now What?

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At Staffing Solutions, Inc. we aim to help our applicants to interview better. How? By learning from experience!


Whenever our candidates finish an interview, we ask them to call us right away. Why? “Debriefing” right after the interview, when it’s still fresh in your mind, allows you to critically think about how it went, and how to improve in the future.


If you’re working with a recruiter (or “talent agent!”) asking these questions can help you recap the interview to determine what went well, what didn’t, and how you can improve your strategy.


    • Did you hit all of the main points you wanted to discuss? Prior to your interview, it’s a good idea to list the key points you want to touch on so you come across as a strong candidate who’s prepared. Was anything left unsaid? Jot down anything that comes to mind, so you know what to bring up if you’re brought back for a second interview.


    • Did you “vibe” with the interviewer? Did your communication styles line up? Unfortunately, some of the best employees aren’t great with interviewing. Even if you’ve always received good performance reviews, an interviewer is going to make a decision based on your conversation with them. If you had a good connection, write down any points of interest or commonalities you shared. Make note of any areas where you think your delivery could be improved.


    • What more did you learn about the role and company? Candidates who receive job offers show they’re truly invested during their interview, and can visualize how they’ll fit into the organization. Did you learn any new details that stood out to you? List any specifics, so if you’re brought back, you can share how you’d be a strong fit. Consider this when writing your “thank you” letter, too!


    • Were there any red flags? An interview is not just convincing the company to hire you—it’s about finding the right fit for both parties. If you felt unsure about anything that came up, maybe do some deeper digging and see if this organization is the right fit for you.


    • How does this role compare with others in your job search? If you’re interviewing for multiple positions, it’s important to consider your responses to the questions above after each interview, so you can prioritize where to focus your energy.


If you’re on the job search, consider partnering with Staffing Solutions, Inc. to be your “talent agent.” We can help coach you through your interviews to better your chances of landing a great gig.


We want YOU to succeed!


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