This Is The Worst Part of My Job

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What’s the worst part of my job? Calling the candidates who were not selected.


It’s difficult to give candid feedback–without crushing a candidate’s confidence. Yet, it is also my responsibility to be honest with our candidates.


In my 40 years in staffing, there seems to be a pattern around candidates that are not selected. Imagine that you just interviewed and were told that you weren’t selected to move forward.


Here are the possible reasons:


  • You didn’t answer their questions. Seriously–it sounds simple, but this is the #1 reason. The best strategy–repeat the question! This ensures you heard and understood the question, and it gives you time to formulate an answer.


  • You DID answer the question, however: it took you forever, you walked in circles, and you lost the interviewer’s interest. Be prepared to give short, succinct answers. You can always ask if they need or want more detail.


  • You bad-mouthed your former employer. Say goodbye–there is no recovery here. Staffing Solutions, Inc. works with our candidates to coach you how to talk about negative “leavings” without bad-mouthing.


  • You asked about salary, benefits, and vacation time on your first interview. This is inappropriate–wait until an offer seems forthcoming.


  • You tried to discuss accommodations like asking for different work hours, working from home, etc. Yes, you can negotiate–but not in your interview! Once again, wait for an offer first!


  • You were late for your interview. Unless there was a traffic snafu, there are no excuses.


  • You didn’t present yourself professionally. May it be clothing, makeup, jewelry, sloppiness, etc.


  • Your phone kept going off during the interview. Need I explain?


  • You didn’t send a thank you note.


  • You can’t offer references.


  • You told the hiring leader that the way they are doing things is all wrong.


  • You bring a family member to the interview.



Yes–all of this, and MORE, is real feedback we hear from hiring managers over the years.


Consider this a reminder. Contact Staffing Solutions, Inc. for coaching BEFORE you interview for that perfect job!


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