Who Staffing Solutions, Inc. Won’t Hire

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As the owner of Staffing Solutions, Inc., I can say that our staff does EVERYTHING we can to provide our candidates and clients with exceptional hiring results. We invest significant time & energy to get beyond the superficial with our applicants. Our candidates reward us with a 4.9/5.0 Glassdoor rating, and our clients are full of praise for the work we do for them.


What is it that makes us successful?


Screening out the candidates that always have excuses to not perform in their jobs!


No manager wants an employee who misses deadlines, frequently arrives late for work, calls in sick more than other staff, and always has an excuse for poor performance.


How do we, and hiring leaders, screen out these potential toxic hires?


We listen for these “classic excuses”:


  • “I wasn’t trained on that.” You spent a week onboarding, and were provided a comprehensive manual. The new hire never took notes during training. Obviously, learning the new job wasn’t a priority.


  • “It was somebody else’s fault.” These folks never accept responsibility for their performance. When a manager tries to hold them accountable, they always blame a coworker: they didn’t give them the right info, instructions weren’t clear, nobody told them, a deadline wasn’t given… You get the idea.


  • “That’s not in my job description.” Teamwork is what makes a company successful. If this employee is asked to help others, they claim it’s not their job—anything to avoid actually working!


The above are just a few examples of the typical “deflections” that a “C” player uses to avoid work. These also represent the most common reasons we are called on by clients to replace that poor performer.


At Staffing Solutions Inc., we have become experts at interviewing candidates to reveal these types of employees.


If this is you—We will know, and you will likely not be matched to any of our opportunities!


If this is you—Your work history will show it.


If this is you—You will never have a fulfilling career.


If this is youYou can change! It’s up to you. Few individuals—those who blame others, will never see themselves as this person. What a shame—a life is a terrible thing to waste!


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