Repeat That Last Action With Only One Finger

Here’s a simple, quick tip that I use quite often but I find that most Excel users don’t know about it.

Whenever you want to repeat the last action that you have just taken, simply select the next cell or range where you want to repeat it and press the F4 key.

You will be amazed at how many different tasks you can use this simple little trick to make things easier for you.

I often use this shortcut for inserting (or deleting) rows: insert a row using the mouse, use the arrow keys to move the active cell where you want to insert the next row and press F4. Move down again and hit F4 to insert the next row. Repeat as often as you want.

In my previous career, I used this a lot when I needed to crosscheck items on my worksheet with a paper report. To apply a yellow background color to cells that I want to highlight when my two hands are busy holding my paper and pen (or typing on the number keypad), rather than having to drop my pen, grab the mouse, point and click on a Fill color, I just use the arrow keys to move to the cell and hit the F4 key (without even dropping my pen).

This may not seem like such a big deal but when you need to repeat an action over and over, you will really appreciate the simplicity of the F4 key.
Just try it and you will see.