“Entitled” Employees & Their Irritated Bosses: Bridging the Gap


I’ve been writing about inspiring bosses, and how they keep their teams growing and engaged.


I’ve also received some “pushback” from managers complaining about “entitled” early career employees.


Just a sample of comments:


“They don’t think they should have to ‘start from the bottom’ to learn, and expect to make significant contributions to the company before they’ve even learned their jobs!”

“They think they should be considered for a promotion or raise after a short time on the job!”

“We want to hire people who want to grow and learn, but their impatience is frustrating.”


The result? Managers begin avoiding their employees–and are unwilling to invest in them. How can managers and their new team members find a “happy place?”


What our candidates tell us:


“Offer us a step-by-step path to learning and career development.”

“Offer more frequent feedback–that’s authentic.”

“Provide us opportunities to learn new skills or have stretch assignments!”


As employers, we need to find a way to bridge the gap between managers and their teams.


How can our HR leaders offer some realistic solutions to help keep their high-potential, early-career employees growing, developing, and staying engaged?


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