Why Not All Search Firms Are Created Equal

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Is your search firm delivering the value they promised?


In today’s candidate-driven job market, this is a question you should be asking! To be successful identifying and engaging top-notch talent these days, a top-tier search firm has to be committed to the value of bringing the “high-touch” and human connection required in the search process.


This is the standard that is expected in our industry.


Staffing Solutions, Inc. takes this responsibility seriously. I wonder why other search firms haven’t recognized this requirement? Every day, for the last several years, I’ve talked to our candidates about their job search experience.


Consider the most common scenario that leads me to the conclusion above:


Applicant “A” has had her resume submitted to a client of a search firm. Applicant “A” has never met in-person with any representative of the search firm! She was contacted via email about the job, had a phone call with the search representative, and after reviewing her resume, was immediately submitted to the client. End of story.


At Staffing Solutions, our approach is what you should expect from your search partner:


  • We meet our candidates face-to-face, as the majority of communication occurs non-verbally.
  • Each candidate will have an in-depth interview with at least one search partner, because investing substantial time learning about their experiences in the workplace helps us determine their compatibility with our clients’ workplace culture.
  • We administer a personality assessment and additional job-family specific tests, providing additional data to utilize when judging our candidates’ suitability for our clients.
  • We do references! We complete 4-6 in-depth references, as well as thorough background checks, for ALL candidates submitted to our clients.


Do you know how YOUR search firm approaches sourcing, screening, assessing, and matching candidates for your searches?


We believe you should be demanding that you get the full value for which you are paying–that’s why our clients say, “Staffing Solutions, Inc. always sends us the best people!”


Questions? Call us!


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