Adding a Table of Contents in Word

Here’s How to use Headings 
1.      In your Word document, select the heading or subheading of a section of the document.
2.      In the upper left corner, you should see a style-selection box; it will likely just display the word Normal (see inset).
3.      Click the down-arrow to open the styles menu, click on Heading 1 (you may need to scroll down to find it).
4.      The selection now matches the style and the style-selection box displays Heading 1 (the style applied to the text).
5.      Repeat for each section Heading.
6.      If you have subsections, repeat but select Heading 2 from the styles menu.


Here’s How to create a Table of Contents
7.      Click in the document where you want to insert the table of contents.
8.      On the Insert menu, point to Reference, and click Index and Tables.
9.      Click the Table of Contents tab.
10.  To use one of the available designs, click a design in the Formats box. If you would like to, select any other table of contents options you want.
For Show levels, use the default of 3.
11.  Click OK.
12.  The table of contents should appear!