So, You Gave Notice Without Another Job

Out of work

So, you were courageous and gave notice without having another job. Plus, by doing what was right for you and your employer, a big weight has been lifted from your shoulders. Hopefully, your employer appreciates a gracious exit and then everything will be perfect in your life – right?

Your energy is back. You’re excited for the next chapter. You’re networking, filling out applications and meeting with recruiters – and great news, you’re getting invited to interview for a great opportunity.

So, how do you answer the question: why did you leave?

  1. Be positive! Explain that circumstances (you can decide what circumstances you want to disclose – briefly) became such that you no longer felt that you were able to contribute to the level that you demand from yourself. Explain that you felt it would be best to leave before your work product suffered.
  2. If you got a new boss – explain that you worked hard to get on a good wavelength with the new boss; however, it became clear to you that he/she would be best hiring someone that they selected, not inherited. You thought it would be best to leave so they could find their own person.
  3. Also, you have integrity and did not want to be dishonest taking time off to interview and that you did not feel you could remain a valuable contributor to your employer while in job search mode.

Remember to stay positive so your potential future employer sees you as a positive, ethical new employee!